Woodworm Destroyer - 250ml

Product Code: ZER978
  • Ready-to-use woodworm treatment protects internal timber, joinery and furniture.
  • Eradicates and prevents attack by wood-boring beetles.
  • Micro emulsion formulation allows deep penetration into wood for maximum effectiveness.
  • Invisible finish, quick-dry formula.
  • Water-based low odour solution.
  • Contains Permethrin.
More Info
Wood preservative (microemulsion ready-for-use) for preventative treatment against wood boring beetles and termites. Also for curative treatment against wood boring beetles. Authorisation is granted for Use class 1 in which the wood-based product is under cover and not exposed to weather and wetting. Eradicates and prevents attack by wood boring beetles. Invisible finish, quick-dry formula. Long lasting protection.
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Does this product need to be diluted?
No, this formulation is ready-to-use

How to do you use it?
Apply by brush or low pressure spray. For preventative use, apply at a rate of 200ml per square metre. For curative use, apply at a rate of 300ml per square metre.

Is this safe to use around children & pets?
No, persons and animals should be excluded from the area being treated and should remain excluded until surfaces are dry, which may vary depending on climatic conditions. Do not use on wood which may come into contact with food, feeding stuffs and livestock animals.

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