Window Fly Trap - 3 Pack

Product Code: ZER012
  • Angle-trap design collects dead flies and flying insects and hides them from sight.
  • Easy set-up, with long lasting adhesive (for up to 4 months).
  • Exclusive gerbera daisy design.
  • Flies attracted to natural window-light.
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Zero In® Window Fly Traps use natural light to attract insect pests and a special angled design to collect dead flies and keep them hidden from sight. Traps fit easily at the edge of any window using the adhesive fixing and will keep working up to 4 months after set-up. Use wherever insect pests are a problem, and particularly where poison sprays cannot be used.
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Does it catch mosquitoes too?

I’ve got glue from the trap on my hands/the window, how do I get it off?
Remove stubborn glue residue using vegetable oil.

Are dead flies visible from the outside?

What are the dimensions of the traps?
6 x 20 x 0.2cm.

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