Wind-Powered Bird Scarer

Product Code: STV924
  • Protects outdoor areas where bird pests such as pigeons, seagulls, rooks, jays and crows are a problem; effective in gardens against crops, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and lawns
  • Humane, silent wind-activated rotating bird repellent uses the iridescent diamond pattern on the highly reflective surface, scattering shards of light to deter garden pests.
  • The bold printed predatory eyes combined with the reflective surface and wind-activated movement provides effective bird deterrent.
  • Covers garden areas of up to 200m2.
  • Easy to set up, the Wind-Powered Bird Scarer has a ground anchor mounting pole to ensure stability; for best results, install bird repeller before seeding or fruit ripening to prevent feeding habits from becoming established.
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The Wind-Powered Bird Scarer from Defenders protects gardens, crops and property from wild bird damage. It rotates, activated by wind, to humanely repel birds and animals with its reflective flash and predator eyes in gardens. Each bird deterrent is effective across up to 200m2. In large or irregularly shaped spaces use several units.

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