Wasps Away - 2 Pack

Product Code: STV369
  • Visual wasp deterrent creates up to 10m radius of wasp free zone.
  • Natural and effective wasp repellent without any mess, chemicals or dead wasps to clear-up.
  • Wasps assume territory has already been claimed.
  • Hang in plain sight anywhere you eat or drink outside (table, umbrella, tree eaves, play areas).
  • Start hanging in early spring to deter wasps all year round.
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The Buzz® Wasps Away imitation wasp nests deter wasps from entering patios, gardens and buildings to create a wasp-free zone by mimicking nests. Wasps will not enter a 10m radius around Wasps Away for fear of attack by enemy wasps. Wasps Away is easy to use, simply hang it in the area to be protected - that's it!
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Will this work for an already established wasps nest?
If wasps have already established a nest then this product will not be effective. Use the decoy nests in areas you wish to protect from future wasp nests.

Are these UV-stabilised?
Yes, the decoy nests are UV-stabilised.

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