Ultra Power XL Fly Stick

Product Code: ZER500
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  • Efficiently trap flies: 60 cm adhesive fly and bug killer stick is a poison and chemical-free way to trap flies indoors and in sheltered outdoor areas.
  • Where to use: ideal for use in commercial kitchens, stables and rubbish areas; wherever flies are a problem.
  • Effective fly trap: the fly catcher stick is brightly coloured aureola yellow to attract more flies. The sticky surface is long-lasting, remaining effective all summer long.
  • How to use: the insect killer can be hung using the hook provided or laid on window sills and out-of-reach areas in homes or commercial premises. Use away from pets or children to avoid accidental contact.
  • Easy to use: simply place in affected area to protect against fly problems; powerful, professional quality household insect killer guarantees a quick result.
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The XL Fly Stick from Zero In Ultra Power is 60cm long and attracts and traps flies, insects and bugs in indoor areas and sheltered outdoor areas. Use in the home, commercial kitchens, stables and rubbish areas. Place wherever flies are a problem for quick control – position using the plastic hang-hook provided or use laying down. The ends of the stick ensure that the sticky substance avoids contact with the surface underneath. The brightly coloured surface works to attract flies and once they’ve landed on the stick, the sticky substance securely traps them so they can’t escape. Once the stick is full, place inside original box or bag and dispose of with household waste. This is an ideal and quick way to deal with fly infestations without using chemical sprays. Great for the summer season. If using around pets or children, ensure product is safely out of reach to avoid accidental contact.

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How long does it last?
The sticky surface is long-lasting, remaining effective all summer long. Use until the surface is full or flies are no longer a problem.

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