Ultra Power XL Fly Stick

Product Code: ZER500
100% of 100
  • 60cm Fly Stick for effective control of big fly problems all summer long.
  • Use inside and in sheltered outdoor areas (commercial kitchens, stables, refuse areas).
  • Aureola yellow colouring to attract more flies.
  • Long-lasting adhesive coating.
  • Hang or lay flat.
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Zero In® Ultra Power XL Fly Stick uses aureola yellow colouring to attract flying insects to its long lasting adhesive coating. Once the flies are stuck, they stay stuck! Zero In Ultra Power XL Fly Stick will last all summer long, catching nuisance flying insects in the home, in greenhouses or down on the farm in livestock and poultry units. Massive 600cm² catch area.
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How long does it last?
The sticky surface is long-lasting, remaining effective all summer long. Use until the surface is full or flies are no longer a problem.

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