Ultra Power Ultimate Outdoor Fly Trap

Product Code: ZER540
  • Giant, reusable fly trap - up to 80,000 flies.
  • Includes super effective fly attractant.
  • Ideal for smallholdings, refuse areas and stables.
  • Faster catch-rates using multiple entry ports.
  • Outdoor use - attracts flies within a radius of up to 10m.
  • Refill available (ZER546).
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360º kill zone. Rapid catch rate guaranteed. Re-useable - up to 60,000 flies each fill. Bait included. Lasts at least 4 weeks - just add water
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Does this come with bait?
Yes it comes with super effective fly attractant.

What do I refill it with?
Refills are available: ZER546 Outdoor Trap Refill Pack.

How long does it last?
Up to 4 weeks. When monitored regularly and topped up with sufficient water, the trap may last longer.

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