Ultra Power Mega-Sonic® Multi-Speaker Ultrasonic ALL-PEST Repeller

Product Code: STV748
  • Ultrasonic deterrent for multiple pests: adaptable frequencies can be set to target different pests, including rats, mice, cats, dogs, squirrels, and foxes.
  • Mega-sonic technology: developed by STV International, mega-sonic sound waves are stronger than other ultrasonic deterrents, offering faster protection.
  • 5 speaker system: multiple speakers allows for an extended coverage than other ultrasonic deterrents. Speakers protect an area over 200m2.
  • Suitable for outdoor use: IP44 rated, all-weather tested.
  • Mains powered: ensures 24/7 coverage without the need for batteries.
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The Big Cheese Ultra Power range delivers high performance rodent control solutions that are proven effective – just like the professionals use. Choose from our 4 straight-forward methods of control:

  • Catch & Kill: Powerful snap traps and electronic traps with smart-circuit technology.
  • Bait & Kill: The only true single-feed rodent poison available on the amateur market.
  • Catch Alive: High quality traps with self-setting mechanisms and fast-action closures.
  • Repel: 24/7 protection from rodents. Poison-free and safe for use around children.

Use the Mega-Sonic Multi-Speaker Ultrasonic ALL-Pest Repeller from The Big Cheese Ultra Power to deter nuisance animals and create a 360-degree exclusion zone of up to 380m sq, either indoors or out. It will protect living spaces, gardens, lofts and outbuildings around the clock, and in all weathers. The 5-speaker system is mains powered and uses next-generation ultrasonic attack-wave technology to produce sound pressure levels exceeding 100dB at peak. Frequencies and sound patterns can be varied to target different nuisance animals and prevent habituation. The Mega-Sonic All-Pest Repeller is humane, operates outside the hearing range of humans, and is safe to use around children. Proven attack-wave ultrasonic technology creates an acoustically hostile environment for unwanted pests while remaining inaudible to humans. Ideal for use along gardens, beds and borders, around loft spaces, in farm buildings, and in commercial premises. Features three operating modes; random (ultrasound is released at varying intervals), constant (sound is continuous), and off.

Silent Not Deadly
Continuous ultrasonic sound at varying volumes and frequencies, inaudible to humans, prevents rodents from becoming tolerant to the effect and therefore discourages infestations and habitats.
Five Times the Power
Multi-speaker design provides 5x more power than single speaker repellers. Providing a 360 degree zone of up to 380 square metres for continuous 24/7 protection.
Target All Pests
The built-in multi-frequency selector allows you to target a range of home and garden pests including rodents, cats, dogs, squirrels and foxes.
2 Year Guarantee
Extended assurance against faults for peace-of-mind protection from rodents. Online activation required.
Rodent Problems
No-one likes the thought of a mouse or rat in their home so spotting the signs early can help avoid larger infestations. Look out for: droppings, gnaw marks, scratches, dead or live rodents, smells, noises and unusual pet behaviour. Choose the control method from The Big Cheese that's right for you for immediate problems and prevent return by sealing gaps in walls, removing food sources and using repellent products from The Big Cheese.
Next-Generation Attack Wave Technology
Extensively tested against rodent pests, the next-generation attack waves within the Mega-Sonic range achieved positive test results in over 90% of treatment areas. Mega-sonic sound waves achieve a narrower and more focused sound wave pattern, holding their strength for longer and providing a more effective ultrasonic deterrent effect. Mega-Sonic repellers will effectively deter rodents from established habitats, as well as help prevent new infestations by mice and rats seeking feeding and breeding sites.
Poison-free Prevention
Also available in our welfare-friendly range: Anti Rodent Lacquer from The Big Cheese ULTRA POWER is a quick-dry surface treatment to deter rodent pests from biting and chewing, and is suitable for application to all hard surfaces including electric cabling and insulation. This powerful formula will provide up to 6 months protection against rodents, and is ideal for treating caravans and mobile homes in out-of-season periods. The unique trigger-handle ensures effective and accurate application both indoors and outdoors, making this product suitable for home and commercial use.
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I plugged my repeller in but haven't noticed a difference?
It's important that steps are taken to help the effectiveness of the product such as clearing up leftover food or rubbish that animals will be attracted to and blocking entryways. The repeller is a training device and as such may take up to 28 days to break the visiting habits of the wildlife. You should not use baited traps or poison baits at the same time as this will counteract the repel action.


This product is a training device; what does that mean?
When it comes to repelling wildlife, they will have built up habits that can take time to break. They know where their safe passageways are and need to learn, with the aid of the repeller, that these are no longer suitable. Therefore, it will take time for their usual routine to break. That's why you may not see an immediate decline in animal activity.

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