Ultra Power Household Germ & Insect Killer - 1.5Ltr

Product Code: ZER550
  • Destroy insects such as fleas, bed bugs, clothes moths and other household pests on contact; control bugs using the pump-action 1.5 litre water-based pressure spray with adjustable nozzle designed for quick and easy application.
  • Potent killer lasts for up to 6 months, provides rapid control of insects in homes and kitchens, 2-in-1 action with added anti-bacterial agent prevents the spread of insect germs, kills and controls insect larvae and eggs for up to 12 weeks post application.
  • Avoid handling water based, odour-free insecticide spray by using the pump-action pressure spray for controlled application in hard to reach household areas such as living areas, soft furnishings, cupboards and kitchen and food storage areas.
  • Powerful, professional quality household insect pest killer guarantees a quick result, suitable for home and commercial use.
  • Contains cypermethrin and benzalkonium chloride.
More Info
3-in-1 Action
Contact and residual effect killer spray for immediate and lasting control of insect pests combined with disinfectant to decontaminate the treatment area and prevent the spread of insect germs.
Kills Household Insects
Kills crawling insect pests in home and commercial environments including fleas, bed bugs and clothes moths with long-lasting residual effect to kill emerging eggs and larvae.
Pump Action Spray
Easy-to-use pump action spray with adjustable nozzle for accurate and consistent application. Sprayer is re-usable once emptied and cleaned.
For BIG Insect Problems
Zero In Ultra Power brings you a range of high-performance insect control solutions suitable for use in both home and commercial settings.
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Can I use this on my furniture?
This spray is for non-porous surfaces in domestic situations. Do not apply to soft furnishings.


Can I use this in the kitchen?
Yes, but make sure foodstuffs, eating utensils or food contact surfaces are covered so as not to contaminate.


Does this have a continual spray?
Once there is sufficient pressure built up, press the button on top of handle and slide forward for continual spray.


Does this kill flea eggs?
Yes, kills and controls insect larvae and eggs for up to 12 weeks post application.

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