Ultra Power Block Bait² Rodent Killer Kit

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  • Fast-acting, single feed bait: Contains 3 x 20g Brodifacoum poison bait blocks that kill rats and mice in one feed, guaranteeing quick results.
  • Lockable, tamper-proof bait station: The bait station comes with a key to enable locking, keeping little fingers and larger furry feet out, protecting children and pets from contact with poison bait. By law, a bait box or station is required when baiting rats and mice.
  • Refillable rodent kill station: The tough bait station can be reused and has a semi-transparent lid allowing rodent activity to be monitored. Easy to see when baits need replacing. Refill using The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait² Rodent Killer (STV567 & STV568, sold separately).
  • Durable: Suitable for use indoors in loft spaces, storage spaces or attics as well as outdoors around garden sheds, outbuildings and greenhouses.
  • Two-way entry: Enables maximum bait take by rodents and increases efficiency.
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The Big Cheese Ultra Power range delivers high performance rodent control solutions that are proven effective – just like the professionals use. Choose from our 4 straight-forward methods of control:

  • Catch & Kill: Powerful snap traps and electronic traps with smart-circuit technology.
  • Bait & Kill: The only true single-feed rodent poison available on the amateur market.
  • Catch Alive: High quality traps with self-setting mechanisms and fast-action closures.
  • Repel: 24/7 protection from rodents. Poison-free and safe for use around children.

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait2 Rodent Killer Kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes, loft spaces, garden sheds, outbuildings, greenhouses, garages and around sheds. The pre-baited station is ready to use and should be sited where rodent activity has been seen. 3 x 20g Brodifacoum blocks are included that use single-feed bait technology, combining proven palatability with the necessary amount of active ingredient to deliver a lethal dose to rodents in one feed. The unit’s two-way entry allows for maximum bait take for both rats and mice. The station can be locked with the key provided and its tamper-proof lid protects children and pets from contact with the bait. The bait box can be refilled using The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait2 Rodent Killer (STV567 and STV568, sold separately). The station is constructed of strong, semi-transparent plastic, so you can check for rodent activity and see when all the bait has been taken. As part of The Big Cheese Ultra Power range this product is tested and proven to work with an on-pack guarantee for results. When using poison baits for mice and rats, a bait station must be used by law.

Single-feed Bait Technology
Our ULTRA POWER Block Bait is the only true single-feed bait available for amateur use. This powerful formula contains brodifacoum, the most potent poison available on the amateur market which KILLS RATS & MICE IN ONE FEED. With single-feed bait technology just like the professionals use, our Ultra Power range delivers high-performance rodent control with satisfaction guaranteed.
Refillable, Tamper-resistant Bait Station
Rodents may consume bait for up to 4 days after consuming a lethal dose. Continue to replenish the station as directed using The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait. It is a legal requirement to use a bait station when baiting mice and rats.
Just Like the Professionals Use
The Big Cheese ULTRA POWER brings you an elite range of products specially engineered to tackle rodent infestations quickly and effectively. We are so confident that you'll be impressed with our product range that we have made an on-pack pledge: Satisfaction Guaranteed! Rodent control just like the professionals use, ULTRA POWER is the solution for BIG PEST PROBLEMS.

It is a legal requirement to use a bait station when baiting mice and rats.

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit is a pre-baited compact tamper-resistant bait station with a lockable lid which helps protect children, birds and non-target animals from contact with bait.

Easy-to-use, durable design suitable for indoor and outdoor use - this bait station can be used over and over again.

Prior to treatment: Remove all known sources of food from the infested area.

Treatment: Refill, lock and place where there are signs of rodent activity (fresh droppings, nests or burrows, runways and feeding places). Secure bait station in place where possible and keep the key in a safe place away from the bait station when in use.

Disposal of rodents: Rodents should be double-bagged using plastic bags and either disposed of in a household waste bin with a secure lid to prevent access of wildlife or pets, collected by a specialist waste contractor, or the local authority.

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How much would rodents need to consume to receive a lethal dose?
Mice would have to consume approximately 0.6g to ingest the lethal dose, whereas rats require approximately 3g. Both mice and rats may consume the lethal dose in a single feed.

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