Ultra Power All-Metal Selfset Rat Trap

Product Code: STV169
  • All-weather galvanised metal: long-lasting, hardwearing construction allows for indoor and outdoor use at any time of year.
  • High performance snap: ultra powerful snap ensures immediate catch and kill of rodents, guaranteed to kill rodents fast.
  • Easy to clean: metal surface is easy to wipe clean after disposal of captures allowing for re-use of the trap over and over again.
  • Simple to set rat trap: trap simply requires baiting and is set in two quick actions. Position where rat activity is noted.
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The Big Cheese Ultra Power range delivers high performance rodent control solutions that are proven effective – just like the professionals use. Choose from our 4 straight-forward methods of control:

  • Catch & Kill: Powerful snap traps and electronic traps with smart-circuit technology.
  • Bait & Kill: The only true single-feed rodent poison available on the amateur market.
  • Catch Alive: High quality traps with self-setting mechanisms and fast-action closures.
  • Repel: 24/7 protection from rodents. Poison-free and safe for use around children.

Original self-setting trap used for generations. Ultra Power All-Metal Selfset Traps from The Big Cheese® are engineered to deliver effective control of rodent pests indoors and out – just like the professionals use. All-Metal Selfset Rat Traps have been trusted by generations of users. They are easy to set, suitable for use in any weather conditions, and they are guaranteed to kill rats, or your money back. Durable galvanised metal construction for indoor and outdoor use.

All-weather Galvanised
Engineered to deliver effective control of rodent pests indoors and out. Selfset traps are made from durable all-weather galvanised steel and have been trusted by generations of users suitable for use in any weather conditions.
Ultra Power All-Metal Selfset Rat Trap from The Big Cheese are a high performance trap – just like the traps the professionals use. Strong and powerful delivering an instant humane kill. CAUTION: THESE TRAPS ARE POWERFUL. Always locate them in protected areas. Keep them away from children, pets and non-target animals. It is an offence to locate the traps in areas which may endanger protected birds or animals.
Directions for Use
For best results use several traps and set in pairs at 4-5 metre intervals along walls and runways, or where rats are active. Lift the fly over arm from the bait assembly and lay off the trap. Place bait firmly on the prongs. Locate the trap where mice activity has been seen, placing trap with bait facing towards the wall. Now simply pull back the striker wire to knock the fly over arm and return it to link with the baited assembly again. Release pressure on strike wire slowly. The trap is now set.
Robust all-weather galvanised trap that is designed for repeat use. To increase catch rate, bait traps with The Big Cheese Fresh 'n Tasty Mouse and Rat Attractant (purchase separately). TRAPPING TIPS Block entry holes and target potential sources of rodent infestation such as garages and garden sheds. Remove other food sources from the treatment area. Store foodstuffs securely and practice good hygiene to avoid further infestations.
Rodent Problems
No-one likes the thought of a mouse or rat in their home so spotting the signs early can help avoid larger infestations. Look out for: droppings, gnaw marks, scratches, dead or live rodents, smells, noises and unusual pet behaviour. Choose the control method from The Big Cheese that's right for you. For immediate problems and prevent return, seal gaps in walls, remove food sources and use repellent products from The Big Cheese. For more information on rodent control and identifying and preventing rodent problems in your home visit the STV Pest Control website.
Brown rats consume an average of 50g of food per day and, despite the majority of their nutrition coming from bird-feeders or bins, they are still picky eaters and copy their friends’ habits. Grains, such as cereal, are a typical easily accessible food source for them in homes. Rats have an incredible sense of smell and can distinguish what others have eaten by the scent of food particles on their whiskers. Whatever the nutritional value of this food, be it deadly or bursting with vitamin C, the rat will assume the food is safe because another rat has eaten it and proceed to eat it themselves. Interestingly, the smaller rats in a mischief (the collective name for a group of rats) are out-competed by larger ones and made to venture out in search of secondary food sources; these are dubbed ‘taster rats’. A taster rat must inspect new food sources, and, if it survives, begrudgingly delivers the news back to its mischief who arrive and push him out of the food source to consume themselves.
Evidence of Intrusion
3-6 mm long droppings, black and rod-shaped. Approximately 80 per day, often appearing in clusters. Spotted in various places including attics, storage boxes, floorboards, disused cupboards. Check around fridges, ovens, heating units and washing machines too. Check wood, paper, cables, carpet and furniture for marks. Dark grey marks on surfaces from oil on hair. Although they don’t sweat, they emit a musky odour and urinate a lot, producing an ammonia smell. Hearing pattering feet in walls at night could be a sign of a mouse or rat infestation. If your dog is barking at night at what seems to be nothing, it could be picking up the scent or sounds of rodents.
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What should I use to bait the trap?
The Mouse & Rat Attractant from The Big Cheese (STV163) can be used or a sticky substance such as peanut butter, jam, or chocolate spread. STV163 is a prune-based attractant specially designed by The Big Cheese to improve catch rates. It is poison-free and suitable for use around children and pets.


Where should I position the trap?
Place set traps in locations where rodent activity is known or suspected. Check for these signs of rodent activity. Ideal locations for traps are along walls or other flat vertical surfaces where rodents run. Always place the trap with the bait well or pedal facing the wall.


How should I dispose of the caught rat?
Double bag the rat and put it in the household general waste bin.


Can the traps be used outside?

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