Spider Repellent - 500ml

Product Code: STV981

**Registered Product**

  • Ready to use: the natural mint formula is supplied in a trigger bottle, ready to spray around windows and doors in the home to create a natural barrier against spiders and other crawling insects.
  • Natural ingredients: the spray contains mint which works to repel spiders without harm. Suitable for use around children or pets – contains no poisons or chemicals.
  • Use wherever spiders are a problem: homes, offices, sheds, garages and outbuildings around windows and doorways.
  • Creates a barrier: the spray dries to leave a mint barrier around household entry points which works to repel insects.
  • Re-apply when required to maintain effectiveness: re-apply to target areas after cleaning or every 2-3 weeks.
More Info
New Powerful Formulation
Our specially-developed recipe is now even more powerful than before, with a super-concentrated formula to keep spiders out of your home.
Welfare Friendly
We believe spiders are beneficial insects, but that doesn't mean they are welcome in the home. Our products are ideal for removing and deterring spiders without harming them, so they can be kept outdoors where they are actually very effective predators of plant pests!
Natural Barrier
This ready-to-use formula contains natural mint oil extract to form a protective barrier with a fresh mint scent. Spray around windows and doors to keep your home spider and cobweb-free.
All-Round Protection
Zero In is the comprehensive solution to tackling household pests. With a wide range of pest control products for flies, wasps, bed bugs, fleas, clothes moths and more - Zero In delivers everything you need to live pest-free.
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Can I spray this onto carpets or bedding?
Yes, however people with sensitive skin should avoid direct contact with the solution as it may cause skin irritation.


Is it safe to use around pets?


How often do I need to spray?
Re-apply after cleaning or after every two to three weeks.

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