Spider Repellent - 500ml

Product Code: STV981

**Registered Product**

  • Ready-to-use natural formula.
  • Does not harm the spiders.
  • Spray around windows and doors to create a barrier.
  • Contains natural mint oil extract.
More Info
Zero In® Spider Repellent is an all-natural, stain-free formulation of plant oils and botanical extracts that will deter spiders from the home without harming them. Treat vulnerable room areas, including entry-points such as windows and doorway thresholds, to create a natural spider barrier. Regular application of Zero In Spider Repellent will also help to deter spiders from nesting and help prevent build-up of cobwebs within the home.
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Can I spray this onto carpets or bedding?
Yes, however people with sensitive skin should avoid direct contact with the solution as it may cause skin irritation.

Is it safe to use around pets?

How often do I need to spray?
Re-apply after cleaning or after every two to three weeks.

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