Slugs Away® Wool Pellets - 3.5Ltr

Product Code: STV052
  • Wool-based pellets mixed with manure: natural sheep wool works to deter slugs and snails without using chemical controls. Manure adds additional nutrients, assisting plant growth.
  • Forms a blanket mulch when watered or after rainfall: works to suppress weed growth and helps keep soil moist, reducing the need for watering.
  • 100% biodegradable: suitable for organic gardening.
  • Suitable for use around children and pets: contains no chemicals or poisons.
  • Suitable for use around a variety of plants: use around fruit, flowers, and vegetables.
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Slugs Away Wool Pellets 3.5ltr from Defenders is a natural, poison- and chemical-free way of deterring slugs and snails from garden plants, vegetables and fruit. There may be an odour on release of the product but this will dissipate over time. The pellets are formed from manure and sheep wool; the fibres irritate the foot of slugs and snails, causing them to seek an alternative route, away from protected plants. Once positioned around targeted growth, the wool-based pellets form a blanket mulch when watered or after rainfall. Once watered, the pellets reduce the need for watering plants, helping to keep the ground moist and act as a weed suppressant. Long-lasting, the slug repellent pellets last through wet weather. The pellets are available in three different sizes; 1ltr, 3.5ltr and 5ltr. They are easy to apply and are suitable for use around children and pets. Apply around any type of growth you wish to protect including fruit, flowers and vegetables.

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