Slugs Away® Wool Mat - Small

Product Code: STV058
  • Natural wool mat: deters slugs and snails without the use of chemicals or poisons.
  • Easy to apply: position matting around fruit, vegetables and flowers. Can be cut to size if required. Suitable for use around children and pets.
  • 100% biodegradable: suitable for organic gardening.
  • Pressed fibres: the matting stretches to accommodate plant growth, moving as your plants do, but suppresses weeds growing up from underneath.
  • Multi-benefit: helps keep plants hydrated and reduces the need for watering.
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Slugs Away Wool Mat from Defenders is a poison-free method of slug control that’s easy to apply and ideal for organic gardening. Sold in a sheet measuring 60 x 80cm, the Wool Mat can be cut as required to fit around plants that are already present in the garden. Alternatively, the whole sheet can be applied to the ground where planting is planned. Cut slits into the material to plant through. The pressed woven fibres will allow plants to grow through the slits, moving around the changing growth, but will suppress weed growth from underneath where there are no gaps. The natural fibres within the mat irritate the foot of any slugs or snails which come into contact with it, and deter them, forcing them away from the protected plants. The mat is suitable for use around flowering plants, vegetables, and fruit. Additional benefits include acting as a frost protector and soil insulator.

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