Slug & Snail Band

Product Code: STV094
  • 35mm wide copper band creates a barrier against slugs and snails.
  • Extends to 55cm to produce a barrier up to 16cm in diameter.
  • Multiple bands can be linked together for larger areas.
  • Position around the base of plant pots or directly in the soil.
  • Reusable deterrent - will last for years in all weather conditions.
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Protect pot plants, vegetables and vulnerable seedlings from foraging slugs and snails using Defenders® Slug & Snail Band. Extend the copper band to form a protective ring around your plants or plant pots, adjustable from 36cm up to 55cm. For larger plants and pots, simply link two or more bands together before forming a protective ring. Slug & Snail Band is ideal for organic gardening and can be re-used season after season to give long-lasting plant protection.
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What is the size of the band?
The band is 35mm in width and extends up to 55cm to create a protected internal circle of 16cm in diameter.

What is the band made from?

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