Rat & Mouse Bait Station

Product Code: STV179
  • Compact bait station: measuring 22.6 x 12 x 7.6cm, the rodent bait station has a black, low-profile design to fit alongside walls and rodent pathways.
  • Use with all rodent bait: the bait station is compatible with all different types of rodent bait including block bait, grain bait, pasta bait and natural grain bait. Bait is not included and must be bought separately.
  • Key and lock feature: lockable bait station protects children and pets from accidental contact with rodent bait.
  • Easy to set up: the bait station simply needs bait placed inside before locking and setting in place where rodents have been active.
  • Bait station is required by law when baiting rodents.
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Our HOME CHOICE range makes choosing a rodent bait easy.

With clear on-pack icons to guide you, and easy-to-follow instructions, you can't go wrong!

A bait station is required by law when baiting rats and mice.

  • Stress-free rodent control.
  • Experts in rodent control for over 25 years.
  • Professional-quality products you can trust.

Need to rid your home and garden of rat and mouse infestations and looking to use poison baits? By law, a bait station is required when baiting rats and mice. The Rat & Mouse Bait Station from The Big Cheese is ideal with the lock and key feature, making it tamper resistant. Protect children and pets from accidental contact with rodent baits. The black, low-profile design is shock-resistant and can be used in the home and outdoors in gardens, garages, sheds and outbuildings. Use with block bait, pasta bait, and grain bait. Simply place the bait inside the station, lock it and position the station where rodents have been active. Store the key away from the box, somewhere secure and out of the reach of children. A locking rod is provided to secure block baits in place. It is recommended that The Big Cheese bait is used as these come in pre-measured packs which can be easily inserted into the bait station.

What is Home Choice?
Here at The Big Cheese, we understand that tackling a rodent infestation can be daunting. We are here to take the stress out of rodent control. The Big Cheese Home Choice range provides proven and effective control of rats and mice using 50% less poison than previous formulations, making it the ideal choice for use in and around the home. With a bait for every situation, and a lower toxicity formula to give peace of mind to families and pet owners, you can't go wrong with Home Choice. Just follow our colour-coded icons to find the suitable bait for your situation.
Damp Proof
Our professional-grade wax blocks are moisture-resistant, staying fresh and highly palatable even in damp and wet weather conditions. Made with the highest quality food materials, flavours and preservatives, everything down to the shape of the block has been specially designed to achieve maximum effectiveness. Their universal design means they are compatible with all bait stations. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Chew Thru
Our grain bait is supplied in highly attractive chew thru sachets - there is no need to touch the bait. The pre-measured sachets are ready to place directly into a bait station, and are available in a range of different pack sizes for both mice and rats. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this fast-acting bait is a great alternative to our wax blocks if you are nervous about handling the bait.
Food Prep
Our fresh pasta bait is highly palatable, making it ideal for use in kitchens and food preparation areas where there are competing food sources that may otherwise result in reduced bait consumption. The bait stays clumped together even when nibbled, creating less mess and preventing cross-contamination. Our pasta bait is supplied in ready-to-use sachets - just place directly into your bait station.

Lockable with removable key; stops accidental contact by children or pets with bait

It is a legal requirement to use a bait station when baiting mice and rats.

The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station is a compact tamper-resistant bait station with a lockable lid which helps protect children, birds and non-target animals from contact with bait.

Easy-to-use, durable design suitable for indoor and outdoor use - this bait station can be used over and over again.

Prior to treatment: Remove all known sources of food from the infested area.

Treatment: Place your chosen bait inside the bait station, lock and place where there are signs of rodent activity (fresh droppings, nests or burrows, runways and feeding places).

Secure bait station in place where possible and keep the key in a safe place away from the bait station when in use.

Disposal of rodents: Rodents should be double-bagged using plastic bags and either disposed of in a household waste bin with a secure lid to prevent access of wildlife or pets, collected by a specialist waste contractor, or the local authority.

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What kind of bait can be used inside the station?
Use with bait blocks, pasta bait, and bait sachets. Ensure that the bait is secured within the station by the posts included before siting.


What is the size of the station?
7.5 (H) x 12.5 (W) x 23 (D) cm.


Is bait included?
No, this is sold separately.


Will rodents die inside the station?
Depending on the bait you use, it may take some time for the poison to have an effect so the rodent may not die inside the station.

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