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Known for their speedy breeding, rabbits are small, furry mammals that are bred as livestock for their meat and fur, are kept as pets, and live in large numbers in the wild. They are often mistaken for hares, which are of a longer, larger build and live above ground (whereas rabbits live below ground in burrows). More than half of the world’s population of rabbits lives in North America; their habitats include deserts, forests, and meadows, among others.

  1. Wind-Action Owl
    Wind-Action Owl product code: STV965
  2. Prickle Strip Dig Stopper
    Prickle Strip Dig Stopper product code: STV628
  3. 3 Black Cats
    3 Black Cats product code: STV634
  4. Falcon
    Falcon product code: STV942
  5. Hawk Kite Bird Scarer
    Hawk Kite Bird Scarer product code: STV968
  6. Flying Falcon
    Flying Falcon product code: STV971
  7. Defenders Animal Trap - Large Size Cage; live cage trap for dogs, cats, rabbits and similar-sized animals
    Animal Trap - Large Cage product code: STV071
  8. Owl
    Owl product code: STV966
  9. Defenders Animal Trap - Medium Size for trapping rabbits, squirrels and cats
    Animal Trap - Medium Cage product code: STV072
  10. Wind-Powered Bird Scarer
    Wind-Powered Bird Scarer product code: STV924
  11. Wind-Action Flying Falcon
    Wind-Action Flying Falcon product code: STV973
  12. Little Owl
    Little Owl product code: STV974
  13. Hunting Barn Owl
    Hunting Barn Owl product code: STV967
  14. Fox & Wildlife Trap
    Fox & Wildlife Trap product code: STV073
  15. Animal Trap - XL Cage
    Animal Trap - XL Cage product code: STV074
  16. Black Hawk Bird Scarer
    Black Hawk Bird Scarer product code: STV969

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