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Clothes Moths

Although there are many species of clothes moths, they all have in common the way in which they fold their wings in a tent-like shape across their backs. The most often spotted Common Clothes Moth is 6-7mm long and has golden-coloured hairy wings. 

Clothes Moths
  1. Moth Balls - 10 Balls
    Moth Balls - 10 Balls product code: ZER436
  2. Clothes Moth Killer - 500ml
    Clothes Moth Killer - 500ml product code: ZER428
  3. Cedarwood Moth Rings - 10 Pack
    Cedarwood Moth Rings - 10 Pack product code: ZER035
  4. Multi-Hook Clothes Moth Killer
    Multi-Hook Clothes Moth Killer product code: ZER433
  5. Clothes Moth Traps - Twin Pack
    Clothes Moth Traps - Twin Pack product code: ZER036

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Clothes Moth Mythbusting

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