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Most “mosquitoes” seen in houses are actually Crane Flies, a similar-looking species but harmless. True mosquitoes are smaller with a long, thin abdomen, spindly legs and strongly veined wings. 

  1. Strip Blinds For Doors
    Strip Blinds For Doors product code: STV235
  2. Big Head Fly Swat
    Big Head Fly Swat product code: STV216
  3. Bug Bat
    Bug Bat product code: STV882
  4. Citronella Pillar Candle
    Citronella Pillar Candle product code: STV426
  5. Window Fly Screen
    Window Fly Screen product code: STV229
  6. High Voltage Insect Killer
    High Voltage Insect Killer product code: ZER880
  7. Citronella Candle Bucket
    Citronella Candle Bucket product code: STV430
  8. Bug Zapper Lantern
    Bug Zapper Lantern product code: STV887
  9. Citronella Tea Light Bottle
    Citronella Tea Light Bottle product code: STV424
  10. 60-Day Citronella Diffuser
    60-Day Citronella Diffuser product code: ZER885
  11. Doorway Insect Curtain
    Doorway Insect Curtain product code: STV231
  12. Citronella Torch Oil - 1Ltr
    Citronella Torch Oil - 1Ltr product code: STV445
  13. Citronella Moroccan Candle
    Citronella Moroccan Candle product code: STV432
  14. Garden Torch - 1.1 Metres
    Garden Torch - 1.1 Metres product code: STV446
  15. Knockdown Mosquito Killer
    Knockdown Mosquito Killer product code: ZER740
  16. Citronella Tea Light Jar
    Citronella Tea Light Jar product code: STV425
  17. Countertop Insect Killer
    Countertop Insect Killer product code: ZER734
  18. Garden Torch - 1.6 Metres
    Garden Torch - 1.6 Metres product code: STV448
  19. Mozzie Vac
    Mozzie Vac product code: ZER739
  20. Night Time Insect Killer
    Night Time Insect Killer product code: ZER738

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