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Moles dig tunnels that they travel and live in using their large two front shovel-like paws to dig away the earth and compact the soil. Because of the absence of light within their living conditions, the eyesight of moles has weakened over time so very rarely will you see mole activity out of their tunnels.

  1. Mole Claw Trap
    Mole Claw Trap product code: STV312
  2. Mole Tunnel Trap
    Mole Tunnel Trap product code: STV152
  3. Mole Scatter Granules - 450g
    Mole Scatter Granules - 450g product code: STV651
  4. Mole Scatter Granules 2.5kg
    Mole Scatter Granules 2.5kg product code: STV653
  5. Mole Run Finder
    Mole Run Finder product code: STV314

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