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Midges are a small flying insect with a wingspan of less than 2mm that often bites humans and other mammals, and through this action can spread certain diseases. Males, who don’t bite, tend to be active earlier in the year than the biting females, with activity peaking throughout summer. They prefer wet, warm conditions such as marshland. Once they’ve found a suitable food source, they release a pheromone that attracts others to join them, turning a single nuisance into a large one!

  1. Strip Blinds For Doors
    Strip Blinds For Doors product code: STV235
  2. Big Head Fly Swat
    Big Head Fly Swat product code: STV216
  3. Bug Bat
    Bug Bat product code: STV882
  4. Citronella Pillar Candle
    Citronella Pillar Candle product code: STV426
  5. Window Fly Screen
    Window Fly Screen product code: STV229
  6. High Voltage Insect Killer
    High Voltage Insect Killer product code: ZER880
  7. Citronella Candle Bucket
    Citronella Candle Bucket product code: STV430
  8. Bug Zapper Lantern
    Bug Zapper Lantern product code: STV887
  9. Citronella Tea Light Bottle
    Citronella Tea Light Bottle product code: STV424
  10. Doorway Insect Curtain
    Doorway Insect Curtain product code: STV231
  11. Citronella Torch Oil - 1Ltr
    Citronella Torch Oil - 1Ltr product code: STV445
  12. Citronella Moroccan Candle
    Citronella Moroccan Candle product code: STV432
  13. Garden Torch - 1.1 Metres
    Garden Torch - 1.1 Metres product code: STV446
  14. Knockdown Mosquito Killer
    Knockdown Mosquito Killer product code: ZER740
  15. Citronella Tea Light Jar
    Citronella Tea Light Jar product code: STV425
  16. Countertop Insect Killer
    Countertop Insect Killer product code: ZER734
  17. Garden Torch - 1.6 Metres
    Garden Torch - 1.6 Metres product code: STV448
  18. Mozzie Vac
    Mozzie Vac product code: ZER739
  19. Night Time Insect Killer
    Night Time Insect Killer product code: ZER738

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