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Cats are both a pest to garden owners and a domesticated companion. Known for littering their neighbours gardens with their waste, cats often travel far and claim territory for their own. Their fouling can be unsightly and can contribute to the spread of disease if children come into contact with it. Their scratching and digging can cause damage to expensive lawns and gardens if not controlled. 

  1. Mega-Sonic® Solar Cat Repeller
    Mega-Sonic® Solar Cat Repeller product code: STV601
  2. Prickle Strip Dig Stopper
    Prickle Strip Dig Stopper product code: STV628
  3. Pepper Dust - 300g
    Pepper Dust - 300g product code: STV614
  4. Cat & Dog Crystal Gel - 450ml
    Cat & Dog Crystal Gel - 450ml product code: STV619
  5. 3 Black Cats
    3 Black Cats product code: STV634
  6. Prickle Strip Fence Top & Side
    Prickle Strip Fence Top & Side product code: STV907
  7. Mega-Sonic® Cat Repeller
    Mega-Sonic® Cat Repeller product code: STV610
  8. Mega-Sonic® Cat & Dog Repeller
    Mega-Sonic® Cat & Dog Repeller product code: STV620
  9. Defenders Animal Trap - Large Size Cage; live cage trap for dogs, cats, rabbits and similar-sized animals
    Animal Trap - Large Cage product code: STV071
  10. Defenders Animal Trap - Medium Size for trapping rabbits, squirrels and cats
    Animal Trap - Medium Cage product code: STV072
  11. 9v Universal Mains Adapter
    9v Universal Mains Adapter product code: STV612
  12. Fox & Wildlife Trap
    Fox & Wildlife Trap product code: STV073
  13. Floating Pond Protection Guard
    Floating Pond Protection Guard product code: STV947
  14. Animal Trap - XL Cage
    Animal Trap - XL Cage product code: STV074
  15. Cat Scatter Granules - 750g
    Cat Scatter Granules - 750g product code: STV631
  16. Cat & Dog Scatter Spray 1Ltr
    Cat & Dog Scatter Spray 1Ltr product code: STV623

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