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Birds living in urban areas are great opportunists, ready to take advantage of any food source they can find and, in built-up areas, there's lots of possibilities. Gulls, pigeons and starlings are known to grow rapidly in number given a handy food source and sheltered site to build a nest. A few birds can quickly become a full-grown colony. 

  1. Wind-Action Owl
    Wind-Action Owl product code: STV965
  2. Repeller Ribbon - 30 Metres
    Repeller Ribbon - 30 Metres product code: STV922
  3. Falcon
    Falcon product code: STV942
  4. Eyeball Bird Scarer
    Eyeball Bird Scarer product code: STV960
  5. Hawk Kite Bird Scarer
    Hawk Kite Bird Scarer product code: STV968
  6. Flying Falcon
    Flying Falcon product code: STV971
  7. Heron
    Heron product code: STV955
  8. Owl
    Owl product code: STV966
  9. Wind-Powered Bird Scarer
    Wind-Powered Bird Scarer product code: STV924
  10. All-Weather Silicone Adhesive
    All-Weather Silicone Adhesive product code: STV902
  11. Wind-Action Flying Falcon
    Wind-Action Flying Falcon product code: STV973
  12. Little Owl
    Little Owl product code: STV974
  13. Hunting Barn Owl
    Hunting Barn Owl product code: STV967
  14. Magpie Trap - Flat Pack
    Magpie Trap - Flat Pack product code: STV079
  15. Croc: Floating Pond Protection
    Croc: Floating Pond Protection product code: STV954
  16. Swoop Bird Scarer Kite Stand
    Swoop Bird Scarer Kite Stand product code: STV948
  17. Floating Pond Protection Guard
    Floating Pond Protection Guard product code: STV947
  18. Black Hawk Bird Scarer
    Black Hawk Bird Scarer product code: STV969

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