Prickle Strip Garden Fence Toppers - 6 Pack

Product Code: STV909
  • Prickle strips to deter cats, squirrels, birds such as pigeons and seagulls from gardens, walls, fences, gates and window sills.
  • The Prickle Strip Garden Fence Toppers are long spikey strips used to create protection on fence and wall tops. For less conventional shaped areas you wish to protect, the strip can easily be cut to fit.
  • Easy to fit using the screw/nail holes provided. Alternatively use the Defenders All Weather Silicone Adhesive STV902; bonds to masonry, wood, glass, plastic, metal and stone.
  • Strong, durable UV-resistant polypropylene construction means prickle strips are long-lasting and weather-proof.
  • Single strip dimension 2.5 x 3 x 45cm, 6pcs per pack.
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Prickle Strip Garden Fence Topper from Defenders is an individual length of polypropylene strip used to protect fences, gates, wall tops and window sills from unwanted garden pests such as cats, squirrels and birds. The spikes create an uncomfortable footing for opportunistic and unwanted visitors to your garden. Each strip measures 2.5 x 3 x 45cm and is easy to install, requiring either screw or nail fixings. Use multiple strips in close proximity to create a complete wall of defence on top of your wall, fence or sill.

If screw or nail fixing is not possible use Defenders All Weather Silicone Adhesive, a solvent free, strong long-lasting glue that bonds plastic to masonry, wood, plastic, glass, metal or stone.

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