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Simple itching caused by fleas can be irritating enough for a dog or cat, but fleas can cause more serious health problems too. Fleas are responsible for transmitting tapeworm to cats, dogs and even humans, whilst also spreading bacterial diseases. Some pets develop severe allergies to flea bites which may last long after the fleas have gone. 

  1. Home Flea Powder - 300g
    Home Flea Powder - 300g product code: ZER024
  2. Flea Killer
    Flea Killer product code: ZER020
  3. Home Flea Spray - 500ml
    Home Flea Spray - 500ml product code: ZER025
  4. Flea Killer Refill Pack
    Flea Killer Refill Pack product code: ZER019
  5. Flea Killer Comb
    Flea Killer Comb product code: ZER023

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