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Outdoor Insects

Make the most of summer with poison-free products that keep nuisance insect pests away. Enjoy camping, picnics, BBQs, days out and garden dining with easy-to-use solutions. 

Did you know?

Flies react much quicker than us, processing up to 250 images a second compared to just 60 images for humans - they see you move in a fraction of the time!

Play safe

Unlike bees, wasps will sting repeatedly. But don't panic- gardens and play areas can be easily protected with The Buzz wasp traps and wasp deterrents. 


Outdoor Insects
  1. Strip Blinds For Doors
    Strip Blinds For Doors product code: STV235
  2. Big Head Fly Swat
    Big Head Fly Swat product code: STV216
  3. Bug Bat
    Bug Bat product code: STV882
  4. Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait
    Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait product code: STV368
  5. Window Fly Screen
    Window Fly Screen product code: STV229
  6. Wasp-Free Zone - 2-Pack
    Wasp-Free Zone - 2-Pack product code: STV369
  7. Walk Through Insect Curtain
    Walk Through Insect Curtain product code: STV231

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