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Ants & Insects

Garden defence

Protect lawns, gardens and pathways from crawling insects with effective everyday insect control. 

Flying Ant Day

There's no exact date for this, but it usually falls in July when a spell of wet weather is followed closely by hot, humid weather. 


Ants & Insects
  1. Ant Killer Powder - 450g
    Ant Killer Powder - 450g product code: STV950
  2. Fruit Tree Grease Band - 1.75m
    Fruit Tree Grease Band - 1.75m product code: STV436
  3. Ant Killer - 1Ltr
    Ant Killer - 1Ltr product code: STV953
  4. Ant Killer - 1.5Ltr
    Ant Killer - 1.5Ltr product code: STV952

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