Night Time Insect Killer

Product Code: ZER738
  • Night-time protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects.
  • Insects are attracted to the UV LED lights, drawn inside and stick to the adhesive sheets.
  • Includes 5 adhesive sheets.
  • Direct indoor plug-in.
More Info
The Night Time Insect Killer from Zero In® ensures that you and your kids can sleep peacefully without threat from biting flies, mozzies and midges. Simply plug the unit into either a floor or mid-level socket, using at least one unit in each bedroom area. Insects are attracted by UV LED light and then caught on a renewable adhesive sheet at the back of the trap. Each pack is supplied with 5 adhesive sheets - sufficient to last a full summer. Hygienically collect dead insects.
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Where can I buy refills?
It's not currently possible to purchase refills.

Does this attract clothes moths?
No, clothes moths are not attracted to sources of light.

Can this be used during the day?
This should be used at night where the UV-LED lights attract the insects inside and stick to the adhesive sheet.

How bright is the blue light?
It's similar to a nightlight.

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