Natural Insect Killer Flea Bomb - 150ml Aerosol

Natural Insect Killer Flea Bomb - 150ml Aerosol

Product Code: ZER027
  • Chemical-free: poison-free flea treatment for a whole room, covers up to 40m3. A cleaner, safer alternative to traditional flea smoke bombs or foggers.
  • Effective control of fleas: targets fleas at all stages of their lifecycle; kills adult fleas, ticks and larvae.
  • Easy to use: press on the trigger to lock into place, then leave the room whilst the contents of the can are dispersed. The treatment begins working immediately.
  • Natural control of fleas: targets both hard and soft household surfaces, such as bedding, rugs and carpets, wherever fleas may infest.
  • Contains pyrethrins.
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The Natural Insect Killer Flea Bomb 150ml from Zero In controls fleas, larvae and ticks in the home. The total release aerosol efficiently treats a whole room of up to 40 cubic metres and is easy to use. Simply press on the trigger to lock it into place and then leave the room. Do not permit children or pets access to the room while the aerosol is being dispensed. Air the treated room fully before re-admitting. The one-shot aerosol works to kill insects on bedding, rugs and carpets in the home, breaking the flea breeding cycle and reducing re-infestation. There are no harmful residues left once the aerosol is dispensed. The Flea Bomb is safer and cleaner to use than incendiary smoke bombs. Targets a variety of household insects as well as fleas; such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, wasps, earwigs, silverfish, bedbugs, moths. Contains only natural pyrethrins and no chemicals or poisons.

Natural Active Ingredient
Chysanthemum cinerariaefolium (pyrethrins) are organic compounds naturally occurring in chrysanthemum flowers. They are extremely effective against a wide range of insects, targeting the nervous system, but are considered very low in toxicity when it comes to humans and other mammals.
Kills Fleas Fast
The natural formulation provides rapid knockdown of fleas and other insect pests, breaking the breeding cycle and helping prevent re-infestation.
Whole Room Treatment
One-shot treatment provides effective control against fleas and insect pests for an average-sized room (up to 40m²).
All-Round Protection
Zero In brings you a wide range of home flea control solutions including poison-free traps, aerosols, natural flea killers and more - everything you need to protect the whole family against flea infestations.
Signs of Fleas
Irregular scratching and irritation is usually the first sign that a pet has fleas. Closer inspection will usually reveal the 2mm long insects, as well as black droppings, in their coat and bedding. As fleas can cause more serious health problems than just the initial itch, it's vital to treat both the pet and their home environment to prevent further infestations.
Causes of Fleas
Dogs and cats often get infested with fleas through contact with other animals or from fleas in the environment. Although fleas lay their eggs in the fur of animals, these can easily fall off pets and become embedded in bedding, carpets and rugs where they may lay dormant for a number of weeks, especially in colder weather, which can lead to repeat infestation further down the line.
Treatment & Prevention
Flea eggs are almost impossible to see, but using Zero In Flea Killer trap is an ideal way to detect fleas as they hatch in and around living areas. Apply Zero In flea control products to pet bedding and household furniture, as well as surrounding areas, for effective control of adult fleas and their eggs, and also to prevent repeat infestations. To treat pets directly use the Zero In Flea Killer Comb. Vacuum and wash pet bedding regularly.
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What size room will this treat?
The total release aerosol efficiently treats a whole room of up to 40m3 and is easy to use.


What other insects does it kill?
Crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, earwigs, silverfish, and other bristletails, fleas, beetles, bed bugs, moths, booklice, mites and dust mites.


How long does the room need to be empty for?
Do not return to room for 2 hours. After 2 hours remove the aerosol and ventilate the room thoroughly for at least 30 minutes before using the room.


Does this leave an odour?
No, there should be no residual scent.

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