Moth Balls - 10 Balls

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  • Pack of 10 individually wrapped moth balls: value-added multi-pack allows for multiple coverage throughout the home, wherever clothes are stored and at risk from clothes moths.
  • Stop damage from clothes moths: moth balls protect all precious fabrics, including woollens, silks, cottons and furs, from damage caused by clothes moths, larvae and eggs in the home.
  • Smells of fresh linen: no unpleasant fragrances or odours, no fumes or stains.
  • Lasts up to three months: one mothball will protect an area of 1.17 cubic metres and will need to be replaced every 3 months, depending on the level of clothing moth infestation.
  • Moth balls contain Transfluthrin.
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Moth Balls (10 pack) from Zero In are a safe way to protect your stored clothes and bedding from damage by clothing moths, larvae and eggs. The moth balls are in sealed pouches so have no direct contact with your garments. The packets are non-staining and do not drip, making them suitable to be placed directly onto clothes. The moth balls don’t emit any unpleasant odours and instead have a fresh linen fragrance. Position them in wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, and other areas where clothes are stored to protect items of clothing against clothes moths, their larvae and eggs. The enclosed balls keep active for 3 months giving long-lasting protection. The packet can be re-sealed so any unused balls will maintain their freshness to be used at a later date. Moth balls can also be used in suitcases while travelling. This next-generation of moth ball contains only Transfluthrin instead of Naphthalene used in traditional moth balls.

Long-Lasting Treatment
Effective control of clothes moths for up to 3 months with no fumes, unpleasant smells or staining.
Total Population Control
Kills clothes moths, their larvae and eggs for long lasting protection of stored clothing and fabrics.
Protects Clothes in Storage
Suitable for treating wardrobes, cupboards and drawers to protect delicate woollens and fabrics from clothes moth damage.
All-Round Protection
Zero In brings you a wide range of moth control solutions including pheromone traps, diffusers, aerosols, natural repellents and more - everything you need for complete protection against clothes moths.
Signs of Clothes Moths
Unfortunately the first sure sign of a clothes moth infestation will be damage to natural clothing and fabrics. Particularly if the items affected have been kept in storage. Look out for: visible damage to clothing (holes), seeing larvae and/or adult moths, webbing/cocoons in corners of wardrobes or drawers.
Causes of Clothes Moths
Clothes moths are attracted to animal hair (wool, cashmere, fur) which provides a rich source of food for their larvae. Dirty/used clothes are usually to blame for initial infestations as moths are drawn to sweat and body oil. Be extra careful when introducing vintage clothing to wardrobes and drawers and ideally wash/dry clean before storing.
Treatment & Prevention
Larvae cause the damage so it's important to break the cycle. Wash clothing before storage and place Zero In moth repellent products within wardrobes and drawers. Apply Zero In solutions and sprays to the inside of wardrobes and furniture prior to storing fabrics inside and monitor for infestations with pheromone traps. Always read on-pack instructions before use.
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What is the active ingredient?
Transfluthrin 0.05% w/w.


What does w/w mean?
Weight for weight which indicates the proportion of the active substance in the product by weight.


Do I need to take the balls out of the sachet?
Do not remove the balls from their individual sachets.


Do these have a fragrance?
Smells of fresh linen; no unpleasant fragrances or odours, no fumes or stains.


How long do they last?
One mothball lasts up to three months.

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