Mega-Sonic® Cat Repeller

Product Code: STV610
  • Welfare-friendly ultrasonic cat deterrent - humane way to repel cats fouling on your garden, lawn and flowerbeds.
  • Motion activated PIR sensors detects pests and emits a continuously variable sonic burst which is irritating to cats so they move away from garden, lawns and gravel patches. Motion can be detected up to 12m away giving you a 120m2 protection zone.
  • 2 year warranty with full user instructions including helpful positional tips.
  • Weatherproof, tested to IP44 standard, it can be used all year round in all weathers thanks to the unique water ingress encapsulated electronics.
  • The Defenders Mega Sonic Cat Repellers can be mains powered using the Defenders 9V Universal Mains Adaptor STV612 (purchased separately).
  • Requires 2 x 9V batteries (not included). Battery life varies depending on activation frequency but expect 3-4 months of 24 hour protection.
  • The Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller is easy to set up - comes with integrated soft ground mounting stake, wall mounting hook with screw pack provided.
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Deter cats humanely, without harm from lawns, flowerbeds and bird feeders using the Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller. The motion-activated deterrent identifies animal movement using a motion (PIR) sensor and delivers a continuously variable ultrasonic sonic burst sound humanely deter cats and teach them not to enter gardens and lawn areas. The weather proofing with splash guard base plate protects switches from weather damage, allowing for use in all weathers, even rain. Coverage area is up to 12m in a 98 arc, creating a protected zone of approximately 120m2. The sonic cat repellent uses a motion (PIR) sensor which activates the device when movement is detected. This conserves power (either battery or mains power). It also teaches cats that their movement is associated with the high pitch sonic sound emitted by the device, so they avoid garden areas. The ultrasonic cat repellent is a training device and may take up to 30 days to have a full effect. Requires 2 x 9V batteries which are not included. Alternatively, the sonic cat deterrent can be mains powered using the STV612 Universal Mains Adapter and Extension (sold separately).

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