Mega-Sonic® Cat & Dog Repeller

Product Code: STV620
  • Twin speaker unit maximises dB output and coverage area to deter cats, dogs and foxes.
  • Motion activated sensor detects animal movement and activates sonic output.
  • 200m2 coverage.
  • Push button testing with LED activation.
  • Adjustable stand height and ground anchor.
  • Battery or mains powered using 9v Universal Mains Adaptor (STV612).
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Detect and repel cats, dogs and nuisance animals such as foxes without doing them harm using the Mega-Sonic® Cat & Dog Repeller from Defenders®. The motion activated repeller detects animal movement and delivers a powerful, 25 second sonic burst to deter the most persistent pests. Coverage area is up to 12 metres in a 180º arc if unobstructed space, creating a protected zone of over 200 square metres.
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