Magpie Trap - Flat Pack

Product Code: STV079
  • Flat pack trap pops up in seconds.
  • Single side-entry door with breakable perch for easy setting.
  • Includes transport handle, sun-shade and food & water bowls.
  • Measures 98 x 78 x 53cm.
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Catches crows, magpies, jackdaws, jays and rooks. Flat packs for easy transportation - pops up in seconds for quick assembly.
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Does the cage come ready to use or flat-packed?

The cage is sold flat-packed.

Where should I position the cage?

Set and locate the cage where you've seen magpies or signs of their activity, with the entrance positioned in their walk-way.

What is the size of the cage trap?

The Magpie Trap measures 98x78x53cm when built.

How often should I check the cage trap?

It is important that you adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 whenever trapping live animals. It is recommended that the cage is checked every few hours so the animal can be released as quickly as possible to minimise their distress, and that cages are removed when not in use to avoid accidental trapping.

What birds can this cage be used to trap?

Magpies, crows, jackdaws, jays, rooks. 

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