Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap

Product Code: STV080
  • Durable, long-lasting cage trap: made from rust-proof, galvanised steel mesh, suitable for use in all weathers time after time. Rats can’t chew their way out.
  • Humane trap for rats: catches up to 5 live rats in each setting without harm, allowing them to be relocated and released. No hazardous sharp edges.
  • Easy to set up and use: self-setting trap comes fully assembled and not flat-packed. Simply bait and position where rats have been active. The Big Cheese Fresh 'n Tasty Mouse & Rat Attractant is recommended (available separately - STV163).
  • Alternative to poisons and kill traps: suitable to use around pets and wildlife. Should be checked regularly to release any accidental captures.
  • Protective hand plate and carrier handle: enables easy transportation of captured rats without the risk of bites or scratches.
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The Big Cheese Ultra Power range delivers high performance rodent control solutions that are proven effective – just like the professionals use. Choose from our 4 straight-forward methods of control:

  • Catch & Kill: Powerful snap traps and electronic traps with smart-circuit technology.
  • Bait & Kill: The only true single-feed rodent poison available on the amateur market.
  • Catch Alive: High quality traps with self-setting mechanisms and fast-action closures.
  • Repel: 24/7 protection from rodents. Poison-free and safe for use around children.

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap is fully assembled and ready to use. It is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas including homes, gardens, farms and commercial premises. It is safe for use in areas where pets and wildlife are present or where conventional snap traps or poison baits may be a hazard, for example in kitchens and food stores. The trap simply requires baiting and positioning in an area where rats have been active. It is important that the trap is checked regularly to minimise the distress of captured animals, and to ensure the timely release of any accidental captures. The trap is self-setting and can hold up to 5 rats at any one time. The carrier handle and hand plate ensure that rats or other captures cannot bite or scratch while being transported. The edges on the trap are machine-finished so captured animals cannot be injured by these.

Made Well
An efficient open-and-release mechanism on the trap door allows for quick and easy operation. The strong carry handles with protective hand plate enables safe and secure transportation of multiple rats. All traps are designed and tested by pest control professionals and use proven spring technology - tested to ensure no loss of power, even after years of use.
Welfare Friendly
Used correctly, cage traps are a welfare-friendly way to remove nuisance animals from affected areas - both indoors and out - without doing them harm. External joints mean no sharp edges within the cage and each cage has been designed to allow maximum space for trapped animal. The hand plate also provides a sheltered area to protect trapped animals from the elements.
Lifetime Promise
The lifetime promise on The Big Cheese Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap provides end-users with complete peace of mind. The traps are designed and built for years of reliable use, with an absolute commitment to animal welfare and user-safety. With heavy duty galvanised metal, durable moving parts and single-piece mesh construction. The Big Cheese cage traps are well suited for use inside and out, year after year.
Robust all-weather galvanised trap that is designed for repeat use. To increase catch rate, bait traps with The Big Cheese Fresh 'n Tasty Mouse and Rat Attractant (purchase separately).

Know the Code

Whether trapping rodents, birds or animals, we advise users to be mindful of their legal obligations to comply with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and to ensure that captured animals do not suffer.

  • Position traps away from natural or man-made hazards and areas prone to flooding.
  • It is good practice to check cage traps regularly for catches. Remove traps that can not be regularly checked.
  • Remember: the welfare of all captured animals becomes the responsibility of the captor.
  • For live releases: transport animals at least 3 miles from catch-site and release into a natural environment away from any obvious and immediate risk of danger or predators. Ensure there are adequate sources of food and shelter available nearby.
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What should I use to bait the trap?

The Mouse & Rat Attractant from The Big Cheese (STV163) can be used or a sticky substance such as peanut butter, jam, or chocolate spread. Poison baits should not be used inside this trap as it is a live catch trap and poison baits would cause unnecessary suffering and a slow death.


Where should I position the trap?

Place set traps in locations where rodent activity has been known or is suspected. Check for these signs of rodent activity. Ideal locations for traps are along walls or other flat vertical surfaces where rodents run. Always place the cage trap alongside a wall.


How should I dispose of caught rats?

The rat must be killed humanely by a quick, sharp blow to the back of the head with a blunt object, causing a minimum amount of suffering.


How many rats does the trap catch at a time?

The trap can hold up to 5 rats. 

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