JAW Fly Trap

Product Code: STV334
  • Disposable fly trap.
  • Just add water to activate.
  • Super-effective fly attractant.
  • Flies get in, and can't get out.
  • Clean and easy disposal - fill it 'n bin it!
  • Outdoor use - attracts flies within a radius of up to 10m.
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Fill it 'n bin it. Proven effective - keeps working for over 4 weeks. Kills 5x more flies than other brands. Just add water - water-activated bait; flies love it! Flies get in and can't get out.
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How do I empty the flies from the trap?
The trap is not designed to be reusable or refillable so once it is full of flies, dispose of the whole trap in with the household waste.

Can I refill the trap?
No. For a refillable fly trap, see the STV336 Fly Catcher.

What does the attractant made of?
The attractant consists of food grade materials, specially formulated by specialists to attract flies. No poison is used.

Where should I hang it?
It is recommended that the trap is hung away from the home or other areas where people are likely to sit or frequent as it will attract flies from within a 10m radius, subject to weather conditions.

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