Hunting Barn Owl

Product Code: STV967
  • Protect your garden with the realistically coloured, life-like Hunting Barn Owl bird scarer decoy. Dominating winged bird of prey with huge 1m wingspan.
  • With the large piercing predatory eyes, wind motion tail and far-reaching wing span the Hunting Barn Owl will deter birds and other nuisance pests from your garden.
  • Position the Hunting Barn Owl in your garden to help protect property and vulnerable garden areas including newly seeded lawns from nuisance birds.
  • Hunting Barn Owl wings are made from a weather proof coated fabric. Wind generated movement in the wings and tail rustles the fabric to created an additional deterrent effect.
  • The moulded plastic body has an integrated mounting socket, simply push-to-fit using a garden pole or broom handle.
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Safeguard garden areas, allotments and buildings by protecting against avian pests and nuisance animals with Defenders Swoop Hunting Barn Owl. The larger than life predator will mimic nature to deter birds and rodents, squirrels and rabbits as they hover overhead. The Hunting Barn Owl from Defenders is an effective pigeon deterrent and deters foraging birds humanely from gardens and other outdoor areas. Protect gardens and property such as caravans and cars from fouling and bird damage.

The huge 1m wing span will capture even the lightest of winds to create the movement of the predator bird. The Hunting Barn Owl is a durable, weather-proof bird scarer; the waterproof fabric body will crinkle in the wind to create noise that will also deter opportunist visitors. It is recommended that one Hunting Barn Owl should be used to offer protection for a small garden. Medium and large-sized gardens may require more than one decoy. Install before seeding or fruit ripening for efficient results. Simply mount the Owl using the mounting pole socket, using either a garden pole or broom handle. It is important that you move decoy deterrents from time to time to prevent bird pests getting used to them. Remove decoy altogether when not in use.

Safe to use around children and pets, providing an effective, chemical-free bird deterrent.

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Is this suitable for use in rain and frost?
It can be used in most weather conditions; in high or strong winds it may be advisable to remove the product.

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