Hot Nuts - 750ml

Product Code: STV627

**Registered Product**

  • Formulated with natural ingredients which are an irritant and distasteful to squirrels but palatable to wild birds.
  • Keeps bird food for the birds.
  • Apply directly to bird food in feeders and on tables.
  • Welfare-friendly.
  • Contains capsicum chilli.
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Keep bird food for the birds! Ensure that bird tables and feeders are a bird-only zone with Defenders® Hot Nuts. Birds will continue feeding undeterred by the fiery taste of capsicum chilli sprayed directly onto their food - but squirrels just hate it!
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Does this product repel squirrels?
This product is designed to be distasteful to squirrels, so it should be sprayed onto bird feed to stop squirrels consuming them. It will not cause the squirrels to move to a different area, but will force them to seek an alternative food source than the one treated with the spray. 

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