Home Flea Spray - 500ml

Home Flea Spray - 500ml

Product Code: ZER025
  • Fast, effective control: Home Flea Spray kills fleas and their larvae on contact.
  • Suitable for use on furnishings: use on pet bedding, baskets, cushions, carpets, rugs and other furnishings around the home. Test on an inconspicuous area before full application.
  • Solvent- and odour-free: the clear, water-based treatment is suitable for use in areas where children and pets may be present.
  • Easy to use: formula comes ready to apply in a trigger spray bottle so not set-up is required.
  • Contains cypermethrin.
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Use the Zero In Home Flea Spray to efficiently eliminate fleas and their larvae on contact. The fast-acting spray is water-based and so suitable for use on all types of home furnishings. It is recommended that a small area is tested before full application. Spray the solvent-free flea killer solution on pet bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs in the home; wherever fleas may hide and nest. The formula is ready to use and requires no set-up – simply turn the nozzle to the spray setting and apply. The trigger is straightforward to use and allows for easy application. The nozzle makes it easy to target application into cracks and crevices where fleas may hide. Following application of the flea killer spray in your house, ensure the area is well ventilated. Do not apply the spray directly onto animals. The spray doesn’t contain any odours so no cleaning is required after use.

Lasting Protection
Water-based and solvent-free, this treatment provides lasting control of fleas and larvae in the home without leaving any nasty odours behind.
Kills Fleas Fast
Powerful formulation kills fleas and their larvae on contact to help stop breeding cycles and reduce the chance of repeat infestation.
Off-Pet Treatment
Not for direct use on animals but for treating living areas (bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs) your pet occupies to prevent further discomfort and stop infestation.
All-Round Protection
Zero In brings you a wide range of home flea control solutions including poison-free traps, aerosols, natural flea killers and more - everything you need to protect the whole family against flea infestations.
Signs of Fleas
Irregular scratching and irritation is usually the first sign that a pet has fleas. Closer inspection will usually reveal the 2mm long insects, as well as black droppings, in their coat and bedding. As fleas can cause more serious health problems than just the initial itch, it's vital to treat both the pet and their home environment to prevent further infestations.
Causes of Fleas
Dogs and cats often get infested with fleas through contact with other animals or from fleas in the environment. Although fleas lay their eggs in the fur of animals, these can easily fall off pets and become embedded in bedding, carpets and rugs where they may lay dormant for a number of weeks, especially in colder weather, which can lead to repeat infestation further down the line.
Treatment & Prevention
Flea eggs are almost impossible to see, but using Zero In Flea Killer trap is an ideal way to detect fleas as they hatch in and around living areas. Apply Zero In flea control products to pet bedding and household furniture, as well as surrounding areas, for effective control of adult fleas and their eggs, and also to prevent repeat infestations. To treat pets directly use the Zero In Flea Killer Comb. Vacuum and wash pet bedding regularly.
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Can I spray directly onto my pet?
Do not spray directly on to animals. Exclude animals during application. This spray is very toxic to aquatic life.


How long after application is the spray effective?
The product contains a fast-acting insecticide, which delivers knockdown within seconds and death within a couple of minutes. The product may remain effective for several weeks, the length of time is dependent on a number of factors, such as exposure to sunlight and moisture.

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