Hi-Vis Mega-Sonic® Solar Mole Spike

Product Code: STV757
  • Mega-Sonic mole deterrent - humane way to repel moles from tunnelling and causing damage to lawns, vegetable plots and flowers and seedling plant roots.
  • The solar powered repeller discharges a powerful sonic pulse at random intervals into the surrounding soil. The disturbance forces moles to seek new habitats for tunnelling and feeding.
  • The unit will protect an area up to 30m2; for larger areas more than one unit may be required.
  • Solar powered for continuous day and night protection, no need to keep changing batteries.
  • Designed with a hi-vis orange cap to prevent accidental mow-over damage.
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Solar-powered sonic mole spike from Defenders discharges a sonic pulse into the surrounding earth every 50 seconds. This continuous disturbance within its territory humanely repels the mole and eventually it is forced to seek habitat for tunnelling and feeding. For larger or irregular-shaped gardens more than one unit may be required. The solar-powered sonic mole spike has a built-in solar rechargeable power-pack which enables it to work continuously, including overnight and in poor light conditions.

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This product is a training device; what does that mean?
When it comes to repelling moles, they will have built up habits that can take time to break. Therefore, it will take time to disrupt their usual routine. That's why you may not see an immediate decline in mole activity.


Will this affect chickens, dogs or other animals?
The product is designed to only send the ultrasonic waves through the ground so any animals on the surface will not be affected.

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