Flying Falcon

Product Code: STV971
  • Stooping bird of prey with wingspan of 21”.
  • Hanging system included for mounting on walls and trees.
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Diving bird of prey deters foraging birds from seeds, seedlings, and other vulnerable garden areas. The Flying Falcon from Defenders® comes complete with hanging system for easy set-up in gardens or vulnerable roosting sites in buildings. As it moves in the wind this life-like predator deters other birds naturally and without doing them harm.
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What are the dimensions of the Falcon?
This product measures 8 x 53 x 35.5cm.

Does it come with screws for wall mounting?
No, these are not included.

How often should I move it?
Repositioning the Falcon from time to time will increase the deterrent effect.

Will it scare off song birds?
This product shouldn't have an adverse effect on songbirds. Ensure it is positioned in an area you wish to protect from nuisance birds.

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