Fly Catcher - Twin Pack

Product Code: STV336
  • Flies get in and can't get out!
  • Outdoor use - attracts flies up to 10m radius.
  • Pack includes 2 reusable Fly Catcher bottles and super-effective fly attractant.
  • Fly Catcher Bait Refill available (STV337).
  • Non-toxic food grade ingredients.
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Super effective attractant developed by professionals. Lasts 2-3 weeks. Attracts flies from up to 10m radius and traps them to prevent them from infesting homes. Kills most common nuisance flies. Re-usable with The Buzz® Fly Bait.
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Do I need to empty the sachet?
Yes, tear open the sachet and empty the attractant into the bottle to mix with water and leave to activate.

Can I use this fly trap indoors?
Flies find the strong smell of the attractant irresistable, as such, we don't recommend using the product inside or in contained areas.

Does this harm bees?
No, the attractant is designed so only flies are attracted into the trap.

What does the attractant made of?
The attractant consists of food grade materials, specially formulated by specialists to attract flies. No poison is used.

Where should I hang it?
It is recommended that the trap is hung away from the home or other areas where people are likely to sit or frequent as it will attract flies from within a 10m radius, subject to weather conditions.

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