Diamond-Light Floating Pond Protector

Product Code: STV956
  • Floating pyramid with multiple reflective sides, catches the light at every angle to deter cats, herons and wading birds from a distance, preventing them from landing in garden ponds, pools and aquatic areas.
  • Light-reflective heron scarer moves naturally in the wind and is supplied with an adjustable anti-drift anchor.
  • Heron deterrent is a humane way to protect garden ponds, safe for use around children and pets.
  • Prevent herons and other bird pests from returning to your pond and eating all of your fish with the simple and easy-to-use reflective pond pyramid.
  • Long-lasting heron deterrent is suitable for use in all weathers, protecting ponds and garden pools.
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Diamond light-reflective pond protector from Defenders has multiple angled sides which reflect the light, deterring herons and other wading birds from landing in garden ponds, pools and aquatic areas. The humane heron deterrent comes with a submersible, adjustable anti-drift anchor, as the diamond light reflector moves gently in the wind it wont drift and snag in the pond perimeter.

The Defenders Diamond Light-Reflective Pond Protector will elegantly and discreetly keep predators at bay.

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