Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Killer

Product Code: ZER437
  • Proven Demi-Diamond pheromone technology, designed by experts, tested by professionals, and used by millions of satisfied customers.
  • Includes push button life-time indicator that tells end-users when to change the pheromone glue board.
  • Treats a standard wardrobe area for up to 12 weeks – 50% longer than competitor brands.
  • Hang or stand in wardrobes or cupboards.
  • Refills available (ZER438).
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Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Trap from Zero In® uses the latest pheromone technology to deliver maximum catch rates and protect woollens and natural fibres from moth damage. Monitor and combat clothes moths. Tested and proven by pest control professionals. Chemical-free moth control. Lasts 50% longer than other brands.
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How many refills are in the pack?
There is one board in the pack. Refills are available separately (ZER438).

Does it attract carpet moths?
Yes, but carpet moths are relatively rare in the UK. Damage is much more likely to have been caused by clothes moths.

Does this have an odour?
It is fragrance-free.

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