Croc: Floating Pond Protection

Product Code: STV954
  • Realistic crocodile head, made from soft shatterproof material that floats in ponds, fisheries and pools to protect against damage caused by wading birds such as herons.
  • Humane croc decoy deterrent is a realistic size 415 x 125 x 120mm and looks lifelike with natural colouring and reflective eyes to fool bird pests.
  • Heron scarer comes with adjustable anti-drift anchor to weight the croc head down in the water.
  • Made from soft, shatterproof material, the floating crocodile head is frost- and weather-resistant, meaning that it will deter herons and other bird pests all year round.
  • Crocodile decoy deterrent scares herons and wading birds from stealing fish from ponds, fisheries and aquatic areas.
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Protect ornamental fish in garden ponds and pools with the floating Croc head from Defenders, acting as a heron deterrent and keeping other predator birds away.

Fill the adjustable anti-drift anchor bag and attach to the head before positioning in the pond or pool. The head will float and move naturally with the wind, scaring birds and cats away.

The croc head comes complete with light reflective eyes and a realistic profile to serve as an effective heron deterrent.

Enjoy year-round pond protection from the Croc head heron deterrent as it's fully weatherproof and shatter-resistant.

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What is the size of this product?
It measures 11.5 x 19.5 x 42.5cm.

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