Countertop Insect Killer

Product Code: ZER734
  • Night-time protection against mosquitoes, midges and biting flies.
  • Compact unit plugs directly into indoor sockets.
  • Integrated base - tray collects dead insects for easy disposal - cleaning brush included.
  • Mini UV light attracts insects into kill grid.
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Zero In® Countertop Insect Killer attracts light-sensitive flying insects into an electrically charged grid killing them instantly on contact. The dead insects are collected in a removable tray at the base of the unit for quick and easy disposal. The unit plugs directly into a standard wall socket without the need for an electrical cable. Zero In Countertop Insect Killer is poison-free, releasing no fumes, smell or mess, so it can be used in the ktichen, or other food preparation areas. Cable-free plug in.
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Can this be used in daylight?
The product was designed to be used throughout the evening/night-time. Using it in daylight would mean it is a competing light source and would minimise its effectiveness.

How do I empty it?
The integrated base-tray collects dead insects for easy, hygienic disposal and keeps them out of sight. Cleaning brush included.

What voltage is the grid?
700v = 4.5mA Peak.

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