Clothes Moth Traps - Twin Pack

Product Code: ZER036
  • Adhesive trap: pheromones on the trap lure clothes moths onto the sticky surface where they cannot escape.
  • Use hanging or free standing: fold the traps to hang using the built-in hook, or position free-standing in cupboards, drawers or wardrobes, wherever clothes are stored.
  • Easy to use: simple to set-up trap comes flat packed with easy-to-follow instructions for how to fold the trap.
  • Disposable: once the trap is full, dispose of in household waste.
  • Poison-free: suitable for use around children or pets, uses natural pheromones without poisons or chemicals.
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Clothes Moth Glue Monitoring Trap – 2pk from Zero In is an ideal cost-effective solution for removing and monitoring clothes moth infestations. The traps are easy to set-up, with instructions included on how to accurately fold the trap. There is a built-in hang hook so the traps can be positioned hanging or free-standing. Position in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and other storage spaces, wherever clothes are kept. The traps are loaded with pheromones that attract male clothes moths onto the sticky surface where they cannot escape. This kills the male population of clothes moth and stops the breeding cycle. Once the traps are full, dispose of with household waste. Use the traps to monitor the level of a clothes moth infestation and to assess whether other control methods, such as sprays, are necessary. The traps contain no poisons or chemicals and so are suitable for use around children and pets. The traps provide protection against clothes moths for up to 90 days each.

Poison-free Control
Safe for use around children and pets, these easy-to-use traps contain a natural clothes moth pheromone to combat and monitor clothes moths.
Total Population Control
The natural pheromone lures male moths into the trap where they will be immediately caught on the adhesive strip, disrupting the breeding process and reducing the clothes moth population.
Protects Clothes in Storage
Suitable for treating wardrobes, cupboards and drawers to protect delicate woollens and fabrics from clothes moth damage.
All-round Protection
Zero In brings you a wide range of moth control solutions including pheromone traps, diffusers, aerosols, natural repellents and more - everything you need for complete protection against clothes moths.
Signs of Clothes Moths
Unfortunately the first sure sign of a clothes moth infestation will be damage to natural clothing and fabrics. Particularly if the items affected have been kept in storage. Look out for: Visible damage to clothing (holes); Seeing larvae and/or adult moths; Webbing/cocoons in corners of wardrobes or drawers.
Causes of Clothes Moths
Clothes moths are attracted to animal hair (wool, cashmere, fur) which provides a rich source of food for their larvae. Dirty/used clothes are usually to blame for initial infestations as moths are drawn to sweat and body oil. Be extra careful when introducing vintage clothing to wardrobes and drawers and ideally wash/dry clean before storing.
Treatment & Prevention
Larvae cause the damage so it's important to break the cycle. Wash clothing before storage and place Zero In moth repellent products within wardrobes and drawers. Apply Zero In solutions and sprays to the inside of wardrobes and furniture prior to storing fabrics inside and monitor for infestations with pheromone traps. Always read on-pack instructions before use.
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How long do they last?
Dispose of the trap after 14 weeks or when full.

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