Clothes Moth Killer - 500ml

Product Code: ZER428
  • Total, long-lasting control - kills clothes moths, their larvae and eggs.
  • Water-based surface treatment for wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Odourless treatment.
  • Contains Cypermethrin.
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Clothes Moth Killer from Zero In® is an effective way to treat storage areas, including drawers, wardrobes and linen cupboards, against damage caused by clothes moths and their larvae. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON TO CLOTHING OR BEDDING. Long lasting protection.
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Can I spray this on clothes?
Do not spray directly on to clothing or bedding.

Is this safe to use around pets?
Animals should be excluded during application. This spray is very toxic to aquatic life so they will need to be removed or safely covered.

What are the active ingredients?
Contains cypermethrin 0.1%.

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