Carpet Beetle & Moth Killer Strips

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  • Carpet beetle killer strips provide effective, odour-free control of carpet beetles, larvae and eggs in the home.
  • 20 tear-off killer strips protect household carpets and rugs against damage caused by carpet beetles, eggs and larvae; pack protects approximately 1 cubic m of items in storage.
  • Control carpet beetle infestations with killer strips that provide up to 6 months protection.
  • Dry treatment with no staining or odours; strips prevent re-infestation and provide long-term protection, indoors in the home.
  • Contains transfluthrin.
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Carpet Beetle Killer Strips from Zero In provide effective control against damage caused by carpet beetles, larvae, and eggs. 20 tear-off strips kill carpet beetles on contact, lasting up to six months, preventing re-infestation and providing long-term protection. The resalable pack contains 20 tear-off strips, which can be used on carpets and rugs around the home, including woollen. The strips are simple to use and provide a dry treatment – no drips or odours. One strip provides coverage of up to one cubic meter. Always read instructions before use.

6 Month Protection
Protect carpets, upholstery and surfaces and provide long-lasting protection against carpet beetles for up to 6 months.
Kills Carpet Beetles
Effectively kill carpet beetles, moths and larvae on contact to help reduce their population and prevent damage to flooring and soft furnishings.
Dry Treatment
Patterned strips do not drip or stain and can be placed on carpets and upholstery without causing damage to the surfaces.
All-Round Protection
Zero In brings you a wide range of control solutions including poison-free traps, aerosols and powders to effectively tackle household pests, including bed bugs, carpet beetles, woodworm, and many more.
Signs of Carpet Beetles
Signs of a carpet beetle infestation usually include noticing damage to carpets and fabric, along with shedded skin, faecal pellets and actual sight of adult beetles and larvae.
Causes of Carpet Beetles
Carpet beetles are attracted to light and may come in from the outside where they feed on pollen and nectar (so be more vigilant during the warmer months). Wool carpets and oriental fabrics are found to be the most common targets. They can also be found in old carpets and underlay.
Treatment & Prevention
Help avoid the problem by securing potential entry points (chimneys, eaves, vents etc) and by regular vacuuming of carpets and along skirting. Remember to inspect and clean any used carpets/rugs before siting in the home. Use Zero In Carpet Beetle Killer Strips and Zero In Carpet Beetle & Moth Killer Spray in areas that have been affected and wash/steam clean fabrics where possible.
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Does this just kill carpet beetles?
As well as killing the larvae and eggs of carpet beetles, this will also kill moths.


How many strips does the pouch contain?
One pack contains 20 tear off strips.


What size area will this product treat?
One strip of 10 sheets will treat an area of 1m3 and is effective for up to 6 months.


What chemicals do they contain?
Contains Transfluthrin 0.49% w/w.


What does w/w mean?
Weight for weight which indicates the proportion of the active substance in the product by weight.


Is it safe around children & pets?
Keep children and pets away from the strips. Transfluthrin is very toxic to aquatic life.


Can I use this in food cupboards?
These strips are not to be used in larders or food cupboards. Do not use near eating utensils or food contact surfaces.

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