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Foxes & Wildlife

Fox control

There are an estimated 33,000 urban foxes in the UK's towns and cities. Outwitting these wily creatures using sound, scent and visual deterrents can deliver effective and welfare-friendly control. 

Did you know?

An adult fox can get through a hole 10cm square, and scale a 2m high wall or fence with comparative ease. 

Reliable, safe and welfare-friendly cages

The lifetime guarantee on all Defenders cage traps provides complete peace of mind. The traps are designed and built for years of reliable use, with an absolute commitment to animal welfare and user safety. 

Foxes & Wildlife

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  1. Prickle Strip Fence Top & Side
    Prickle Strip Fence Top & Side product code: STV907
  2. Off My Nuts Squirrel Spinner
    Off My Nuts Squirrel Spinner product code: STV680
  3. Hot Nuts - 750ml
    Hot Nuts - 750ml product code: STV627
  4. Mega-Sonic® Fox Repeller
    Mega-Sonic® Fox Repeller product code: STV608
  5. Repeller Ribbon - 30 Metres
    Repeller Ribbon - 30 Metres product code: STV922
  6. Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap
    Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap product code: STV088
  7. Fox & Wildlife Trap
    Fox & Wildlife Trap product code: STV073
  8. Animal Trap - Small Cage
    Animal Trap - Small Cage product code: STV076
  9. Defenders Animal Trap - Medium Size for trapping rabbits, squirrels and cats
    Animal Trap - Medium Cage product code: STV072
  10. Defenders Animal Trap - Large Size Cage; live cage trap for dogs, cats, rabbits and similar-sized animals
    Animal Trap - Large Cage product code: STV071
  11. Animal Trap - XL Cage
    Animal Trap - XL Cage product code: STV074

16 Items

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