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Whether you're in a tent enjoying the great outdoors or in a cosy caravan, don't let pests ruin your trip away. Browse the product range for insect pests from STV International. 

  1. 60-Day Citronella Diffuser
    60-Day Citronella Diffuser product code: ZER885
  2. Ultra Power Outdoor Fly Trap
    Ultra Power Outdoor Fly Trap product code: ZER544
  3. Bug Zapper Lantern
    Bug Zapper Lantern product code: STV887
  4. Bug Bat
    Bug Bat product code: STV882
  5. Citronella Moroccan Candle
    Citronella Moroccan Candle product code: STV432
  6. Citronella Candle Bucket
    Citronella Candle Bucket product code: STV430
  7. Citronella Tea Light Jar
    Citronella Tea Light Jar product code: STV425
  8. Citronella Tea Light Bottle
    Citronella Tea Light Bottle product code: STV424
  9. Wasps Away - 2 Pack
    Wasps Away - 2 Pack product code: STV369
  10. Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait
    Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait product code: STV368
  11. Fly Catcher - Twin Pack
    Fly Catcher - Twin Pack product code: STV336
  12. JAW Fly Trap
    JAW Fly Trap product code: STV334
  13. Citronella Pillar Candle
    Citronella Pillar Candle product code: STV426

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