Ant Killer - 1.5Ltr

Product Code: STV952
  • Fast-acting ant killer, kills ants on contact and protects against their return.
  • Ready-to-use spray for control of ants, earwigs, woodlice, silverfish, cockroaches and beetles.
  • 1.5ltr pump-action pressure sprayer allows faster and more effective distribution with trigger lock and brass adjustable spray nozzle.
  • 1.5ltrs treats over 70m².
  • For use around the home in gardens and patios.
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Ant Killer Spray, 1.5 litres from Defenders is a ready-to-use spray for killing and controlling ants. The fast-acting contact killer is suitable as a treatment in homes, patios and gardens. Treats over 70 sq. m and contains Cypermethrin to ensure it is an effective means of killing and controlling insect infestations. Also useful in the control of woodlice, beetles, cockroaches and silverfish.

For effective ant control, the whole colony needs to be killed, otherwise they will remain a pest in your home. Ants entering the home will be looking for food or shelter. Once a food source is found, they leave a pheromone trail to help others in the colony find it. Ensure any leftover food and food waste is hygienically cleared away and not left on counters. If ants are coming into the home, watch their trails for entry holes and seal these, stopping future entry.

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Is this suitable for use around pets?
No, pets should be removed from the treatment area, particularly cats, who are susceptible to the active ingredient within the product.

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